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With a natural gift for being able to reach people through his speaking, Leon provides insight into sales, the physiology of sales and how & why people buy. Corporations and organisations likewise regularly hire Leon to speak at events where he delves into what prospects need to get in order for them to make decisions around a sale and helps audiences to understand why it’s essential to help buyers on that journey of understanding.

Leon’s Keynote Titles Include:

  • Sales Psychology
    Unlocking the secrets to what and why people buy
  • Reading body language
    Know Others Thoughts by Reading Their Gestures (entertainment act)
  • Perceptive Leadership -
    How to Lead your team forward & not Boss them by fear
  • Inspiration and motivation -
    what is truly possible?
    Communicating with yourself and others

Leon is also available for the following training events:

  • B2B Sales
  • B2C Sales
  • Phone Sales
  • Rapport Building

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