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Sales Training Products

That Leon Is Available To Provide Training For:

  • Consult To Close Sales System -
    A natural “Win Win” sales process that aligns with natural forces to how we now speak, connect and buy in the Twenty-First Century. The program focuses on building rapport quickly, positioning you as the expert, understanding the prospects buying language & communicating your message that aligns with your prospects perfect buying strategy. This is a step-by-step program that positions trust, creates authority, stacks logic & builds emotions;
  • Consult To Close™
    The Flagship sales training program from Leon which is specially designed for Consultants, Coaches & B2B Sales People and Organisations who want to position, connect, communicate & sell better in their marketplace;
  • Phone Sales Secrets™
    With the advancement of smart technology, our phones are still the most powerful and effective tool to use in sales and communications. Whether it’s Cold Calling, following up or inbound sales calls, learn how to master selling & closing over the phone with Phone Sales Secrets™;

Key Areas Included are

  • Inner Sales Game Success
    Training that helps to reprogram limiting beliefs & negative thoughts around sales and yourself with NLP;
  • Cold Calling Mastery
    Mastering Sales On The Phone With Tonally & Language Patterns;
  • Body Language Linguistics
    Learn to know Others Thoughts by learning how to read their gestures;
  • Rapid Rapport Building 
    Learning how to connect and build solid meaningful lasting relationships fast:
  • Sales Script Building 
    Leon will personally build your own custom high converting sales script or teach you how to write effective sales scripts.

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