Creating Your Irresistible Pitch

The Helping Approach

When creating an effective sales pitch, think of these scenarios first:

How do you feel, when you were greeted by a smile in these given situations:

– You walked into a shopping centre and you were greeted by a customer service representative

– You walk into a shopping centre and you were greeted by an insurance agent

Most likely, you’ll get two opposite reactions.

In the first given scenario, you’ll feel good, because he’s there to help or answer any queries you may have.

While in the second, you might run away because for the fact that the intention behind the greeting was he wanted to sell you something.  

An irresistible sales pitch is where do not intend to sell. It is where you create a scenario that, yeah you’re selling, but it appears that you’re offering your prospect a service or a product that can help him or the company in various ways.

In this approach, you focus more on their problems instead of being pushy and desperate to sell your product or service. Remember, you don’t want to sound desperate, this is a big No No. Make it appear that you don’t care at all if they or not – you’re just there to present your product because you know that they will benefit from it. One thing to remember also, is that you need to give your prospect his own space to make his buying decisions. No need to rush, and do not try too hard.

Pro tip: Freebies! We’re not talking about material stuff here or gifts, here. Let’s say you are offering app store optimization services, you can give them some suggestions on how to improve their app icons or screenshots.

Focus on Your Prospects

Always focus on your prospects. Make sure not to make them feel like they are just an audience to your presentation. Treat your sales pitch more like a casual conversation.

Knowing your prospect’s name and the company is not enough. Take some time to research about your prospect’s pains, problems, competitors, or simply put yourself in their shoes. Do not approach them as if you’re the salesman. Instead, act as a solution advisor who understands their problems and pain points.


For me, a good sales pitch in cold call selling should be a natural conversation. That’s why I always make it a point that I engage my prospects by asking relevant questions. I ask about their needs or their problems. By probing, I make them feel that my product/service is important as it can help them address their issues (production, financial, etc.). I am not just the one talking – I let them talk, I listen, so I’d get the best information straight from my prospect.

Plan, Customize, Organize Your Pitch

Determine how your product or service can address your prospect’s needs. Then, choose the best product or service, so it would be more beneficial to him. Finally, tailor your pitch to your prospect and organize it into a logical flow: Prospect’s Needs/Problems > Agitate > Then Solve

Anticipate & Address any objections

I always anticipate objections from my buyer/prospect. It’s part of being a sales professional. When this happens, I make sure that I always respectfully address each of them. Experience is the key here. And since I have encountered tons them often, I know how to handle any objection. Mostly, it’s about the cost, their needs, and timing. Before I make my sales pitch, I see to it that I have answers to all the possible objections that I have anticipated or crossed my mind.

Insert actionable “CTAs” call-to-actions

And since my sales pitch is more like a conversation, there’s a need for that epic “closing call to action”. In my case, this comes out naturally. You may include “mini CTAs” across your sales pitch, it’s your call.

Ask for Referrals

Whether you close the deal or not, always ask for referrals! The more referrals you’ll get, the better! You need to set aside your shyness or squeamishness and make it habit to ask for referrals from your prospects. Build and grow your business mate! These referrals can get you more potential clients. Asking for referrals is not hard to do – it’s a small effort but it gives a great reward.

You may customize my script:

“I am really happy that you’re satisfied with my work. I’d appreciate it if you’d refer me to anyone else you know who would be interested in my: (service, product, offering).


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