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Coaching & Training - Leon

Coaching & Training

"A Master Salesperson Won’t Tell You What You Need. He Will Ask You Intelligent Questions & You Will Tell Him!”
- Leon Sheed

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Leon Sheed is a Master Sales Trainer, Master NLP Practitioner & Coach, as well as a well-respected Hypnotist. He is able to use these combined skills to communicate in a unique way that unlocks the prospects buying strategies around their pains, problems & desires. This can alter the prospects beliefs, values and thoughts of their own decision-making process, so when it comes time to make a commitment to buy, this comes from the prospects own choices.

Leon’s training & coaching services help encourage a shift in thinking and sales performance. While his coaching & training services are a motivational way of showing employees how to change the way they perceive their own self-value, limiting beliefs and external forces, the service is ideal for company’s who are looking to turn around their sales team and align them with the ideals they need to become an even stronger sales force.

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  • True master salesmanship is not actually selling... It's educating the prospect and taking them on a journey that reshapes their current beliefs with new ones that are geared towards your solutions.
    - leon sheed