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Getting Payment Over The Phone

Getting payment over the phone sales training

There are many ways for you to get the payment over the phone. But the most popular is via asking for credit card information over the phone. The second best option is to direct them to a website where they can pay online using their credit card, debit card, Paypal, or any other option.

Whatever you choose, make sure that you won’t make your “lead” won’t get cold feet and pull out.

In my experience, getting the payment as soon as possible is the way to go. Why? By getting their money right off the bat, you’re making them commit.

Yeah, some will prefer to pay online, simply because they don’t want to provide their credit card information over the phone. If that’s the case, then sending them an online receipt or directing them to your payment page will allow them to enter their payment information themselves.

While there’s no fool-proof method of payment collection over the phone, these tips will increase your chance of success:

Be proactive

Let’s say you had an agreement that the buyer will pay as soon as he received your ASO report. Following up after providing your service, can help avoid non-payment. It’s a good practice to ask for feedback regarding your online invoice or payment page. You may also ask if your prospect has any other concerns about the invoice, due date, or the service that you have provided.

Always Be Prepared

Gather as much information about your prospect’s made payments and debts as you can.  

Take Notes

Make sure that you document everything including your conversations, even his feedback, just in case there will be any disputes.

Be nice

When getting paid over the phone, be positive and sound cheery, so he would respond better. But take note, be in control. If the buyer detects that you’re under pressure, he may try to haggle and ask for a better deal.

Avoid confrontation

Let’s say your buyer already paid you 50% upfront upon acquiring your services and forgot to pay you in full on the date that you have agreed upon. Simply follow up, and determine the reason for non-payment and listen to his reasons or excuses. You can easily tell when he is being sincere or just being phoney with you. But whatever it is, focus on getting the payment and avoid any confrontations.

Stay Calm

If your prospect gets abusive for any reason at all. Try to get out of that situation to let them cool down. You may suggest, calling him back at another time. The key here is to listen to what he is or is not telling you. You’ll know when things are not going your way. When that happens, keep your dialogue constructive, and let him feel that he’s making headway.

Offer Custom Plans or Better options

We discussed this earlier. Tailoring your service plans to fit your prospect’s needs means is a good practice. If that’s the case, you need to discuss the cost of that custom plan to your prospect. You may also offer an incentive base price to motivate him to take action. It can be a discount, buy one take one or rebates. You may also offer free samples, product trials, or free plan upgrades.

Let’s say you’re offering a 500$ app store optimization service to your client. You can say that since this is going to be the first time you’re going to work for him if he agreed to commit, he’ll get 50% off on his next app.

You know, a well and executed incentive program can yield better results. You might want to try different incentives and strategies to determine what works best for you and your business

Finalise things

Over the phone, provide a brief summary of what has been discussed, including the payment options and when your buyer is going to pay. You may ask the buyer to email or call you back to confirm a payment has been sent. Or, proactively call or email him once you have received the payment.

Please remember to keep the lines between you and your prospect open. There will be non-payments or late payments situations down the road, that’s why you always have keep the conversation open. You need to learn more about his situation and strategize to get the payment.


“How much can you afford to pay this week”?

“Do you need more time, to collect the money so you’d be able to pay?”

This way you can help your prospect pay you up without paying extra or any interest.