Leon Sheed

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Helping people, organizations, and companies to equip their sales teams with the right mental attitude to help with scaling their sales growth is something Leon Sheed is not only passionate about but believes is an essential part of making sure that a business both runs well and is able to maintain long-term growth.

Leon believes in using updated sales techniques to help companies have a greater impact on the way they sell by showing them which mindsets who adopt for better self-performance.

Leon comes from a strong independent background and his upbringing helped to show him that his place in the world was helping people better themselves in order to achieve better results.

Contrary to what many may think, Leon was not always into sales. Having involved himself in a diverse array of different fields, he learned that his passion was in sales and the psychology behind it.

Becoming a Master NLP Practitioner helped teach Leon to understand human physiology. A defining moment was when he mastered the art of being able to communicate in an effective way.

By mastering this technique - something that can take people a lifetime to master - he was able to help people transform their mindset around selling which led him to help thousands of people globally.

Leon lives, sleeps and breathes fast business growth and is determined to help businesses achieve their very best by coaching them to be able to do so. 

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