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Leon Sheed

The 9 Most Persuasive Sales Psychology
Techniques To close Almost Any high end Prospect 

Meet Leon Sheed

Leon’s speciality is sales in its simplest form but he stands out thanks to his ability to understand the physiology of human behaviour coupled with Social Dynamics. He likes to understand why people think and act as well as what drives them to do what they do. 

Coaching & Training

Leon offers organizations training & coaching services. The purpose of this is to help encourage a shift in thinking and sales performance. Leon’s coaching & training services are a motivational way of showing employees how to change the way they perceive their own self-value, limiting beliefs and external forces. This service is ideal for company’s who are looking to turn around their sales team and align them with the ideals they need to become an even stronger sales force.

The coaching and training Leon provides helps clients to equip themselves with the right mindset techniques for better performance, helps them to become better communicators as well as help teach them how to sell in an updated 21 century way by closing more sales at the highest level. 

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Public Speaking

Available for speaking events, Leon provides insight into sales, the physiology of sales and how & why people buy. Corporations and organisations likewise regularly hire Leon to speak at events where he delves into what prospects need to get in order for them to make decisions around a sale and helps audiences to understand why it’s essential to help buyers on that journey of understanding.


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